brand identity

Brands are intangible assets and account for, on average 75% of the value of a company." - Blake Deutsch

Beautiful, handcrafted brandmarks.

Your work is made with skill, attention to detail, and passion–don't settle for less with your brandmark. Discover what a Handcrafted Brand Identity can do for you.

Made from scratch.

No templates or stock logos here. With Handcrafted Branding, it's just as our name suggests. You can fully trust that every brand is hand-crafted. You'll be building your business on a sound investment, not a stock product.

An authentic brand identity starts with an authentic process, That's why we walk through a Brand Discovery process with every one of our artisans and makers.

The core components of who you are, what you do, and why what you do matters are leveraged together to help define your brand's core. We use these insights to create the DNA of your brand, which we call a brand identity system. Altogether, these communicate your essence, which is imperative to communicate succinctly, quickly, and distinctly. 


Beautiful and functional.

Your brandmark isn't just beautiful, it needs to be functional and distinct. We know the artisan category, and through research, trademark data, and strategy, translate what we know to ensure your brandmark is distinct within its category, helping your brand function according to the branding principles. 

You'll foster immediate recognition, elicit emotions, and create memory structures customers can easily recall. You'll be able to stand up against other sellers and stand out, not only address perception, but influence sales and create growth.



Your brand identity is the most important group of visual and verbal assets you can invest in. We call them assets since they're what you leverage your communication around. These components–your brandmark, typefaces, colors, distinct imagery, and words–are built to stand the test of time, built against other trademarks and category data.

Want a professional, beautiful, handcrafted brand identity?

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