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Join the artisan community's brightest who have accelerated their handmade business through the branding excellence of Handcrafted Branding.

Founded by Stæven Frey–an established branding professional in the consumer packaged goods and commercial brand identity–Handcrafted Branding is the leading full-service branding agency for emerging handcrafted artists, handmade craftsman, and bespoke makers. As a functional studio potter, he also knows the ins and outs.

Stop trying to go at it alone, and schedule a call so you can do what you love, we'll take care of the rest.

  • “I've only been making for a few years, Stæven and HCB have helped me look professional, helping me understand what I need to succeed. I'm only getting started professionally, but my hand made business is lightyears beyond the competition!”
    Asher D.
  • “I never realized the importance of being online. Now I have an incredible website AND am driving people there with a digital strategy thanks to HCB.”
    Chase R.
    Creation Flowers
  • Working with Stæven at Handcrafted Branding has freed up the mental space I was spending on trying to design my brand. Now I focus on my ideas, while he brings my brand to life as my business grows.
    Claudia Overstreet
    Claudia Overstreet Art
  • God I love Handcrafted Branding! Im pretty particular about aesthetics and usually need to focus at the desk to get everything how I want, now it's just effortless. Stæven is so so intuitive,  I can't imagine using anything else other than Handcrafted Branding ever again.
    Aaron Neo
    Neo Couture
  • My brand is beautiful and the results I've had have been amazing. Handcrafted Branding has sets a new standard of quality everyone should strive to achieve. I finally feel like the professional that I've been working towards being, I just finally have a market presence that looks it. I wish I'd know about HCB sooner.
    Laura Kinsey
    Bee + Laurel
  • I've grown my business amazingly. It’s been a pleasure because everything has been easier than I ever imagined.
    Corrine A.
    Biko Jewelry